C-5 & C-6 "Clear Option" Cup Holder Right Hand Side / Product Number: A101R

$ 30.00

Vendor: Clear Option


Need to add a cup holder to your C-5 or C-6
This cup holder installs in seconds and does not require any screws or tools. It nestles in the corner formed by the seat and tunnel, so it does not take up any leg space.....open or closed.
Installs in seconds without the use of Velcro, screws or tape of any kind.
Quickly folds out of the way when not in use.
Clearly matches any interior color scheme.
Quickly removes for easy cleaning or storage...does not take up any leg space.
This cup holder will adjust to cup sizes up to 46 oz. cup, mug or bottle.
Clear Option cup holder Passenger side.
You may also want add the Driver side cup holder also Part Number A102L.
Easy to install simply position the cup holder to slip under the center console trim. Slide the base between the seat rail cap and sidewall. YOU'RE DONE!!!!.
Product Number: A101R